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Yoga therapeutics sessions are private classes which deal primarily with problem areas in the body which need special attention. These problems could be due to pain or discomfort in various muscle sets as a result of traumatic injury or asymmetries in the body, weaknesses in the internal organs resulting in problems with the circulatory and digestive systems, or weaknesses in the nervous system leading to depression, anxiety and tension.

These private sessions are designed to work with any problem or difficulty which require a one on one format and are especially good for persons not wishing to be in a group class. Each session is uniquely tailored to the individual. Students will leave with a series of asanas to work on at home and each subsequent session will build upon the first.


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Based on the work of B.K.S. Iyengar as well as the macrobiotic teachings of Michio Kushi, and the Five Element Theory of Oriental Medicine, Karin will apply her intuitive understanding of these modalities to help strengthen the vitality and health of your internal organs. Each student will be looked at individually with great care and attention and will leave the session with a series of asanas to practice at home. To benefit most from this work, an hour and a half session is highly recommended.


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In these sessions, we will study the basic asymmetries of the body and how to correct them using the Yoga poses. The first part of the session will begin with a diagnosis of individual alignment and asymmetries in the body's alignment.

In the second part we will learn how to correct these asymmetries in order to bring the body back into a sense of harmony and balance. Each session is unique and carefully builds on the previous one. Students will leave with a series of asanas to practice at home as well as a heightened awareness of balance and grace in everyday life.


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Yoga has a powerful effect on the brain and the nervous system. In these sessions, we will learn how the Yoga asanas can calm and balance the mind and body and bring about a profound sense of well being. Students will be given a series of Yoga asanas which are based on a gradual developmental process of strengthening the nervous system, or "nervine system" according to B.K.S. Iyengar and on poses which are particularly suited to helping the mind stay steady and focused. Diet and the effects of food on our mood swings and levels of anxiety will also be discussed if desired. It is highly recommended to come for an hour and a half for this type of session.


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In these sessions, we will look at how Yoga can help alleviate pain in the lower back and how it can reduce tension and tightness that contribute to the sensations of pain. Students will be given a series of poses which are simple, easy to follow and effective to practice on a daily basis and which, if followed carefully, will allow the student to return to a normal Yoga practice and to a regular classroom setting.


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These sessions are for people who have experienced an injury either recently or in the past and are having difficulty being in a classroom setting for fear of re-injury or because of a sense of frustration that so many poses seem off limits. In these sessions, students will work very slowly and will only learn asanas or modification of asanas which will work within the framework of their physical limitations. Behind this work is a well thought out theory of recovery based on the guiding principle that: "The slowest way is the fastest way," and which helps in promoting a calm, steady, and progressive road to healing.

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Private sessions with Karin are given at a location near Porter Square in Cambridge, MA (call or email for directions). Accommodations are available for persons coming from out of town.


Please inquire about our special package prices and additional healing therapies offered by local healers such as ginger compresses and neuromuscular therapy.




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Mini Retreats offer a special Spa Experience in Cambridge, MA. You can choose from special 3-5 day packages which include lovely accommodations in The Healing Center Bed and Breakfast, group yoga classes as well as private Yoga Therapy sessions with Karin and special bodywork sessions with renowned healers in the area. Catered macrobiotic meals and private macrobiotic cooking classes can often be arranged upon request.

These mini retreats are of special interest for persons wishing to work on improving their understanding of how to work with a variety of health issues such as:

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  Apartment Room with private bath
double occupancy $535/person  
single occupancy $680 $560


  Apartment Room with private bath
double occupancy $650/person  
single occupancy $900 $780


  Apartment Room with private bath
double occupancy $725/person  
single occupancy $1035 $760

Macrobiotic dinners are always available for an additional cost. Other services, including Ginger Compresses, will be available for an additional cost.

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