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These exquisitely made, beautifully hand sewn all cotton Yoga bolsters and pranayama pillows are available to you at moderate prices.

Some of the finest on the market, both the bolster and pranayama pillow are made with a light pastel undercover sewn firmly over the stuffing and a removable washable outer cover of your choice of floral patterns, plaids or plain colors. Corduroys are also available.

Both the bolster and pranayama pillow are firm enough to support the body in the correct Yoga positions but not so firm that they are uncomfortable. Their firmness allows for some give over a year or two year's time – just enough so that they are still functional for many years to come.

The bolsters are 32" in length from end to end and 31" in diameter and the pranayama pillows are 29" from end to end and 20" in diameter. Bulk orders are also accepted and colors and patterns can be ordered to match the colors in your Yoga studio or home.

Originally designed by B.K.S. Iyengar for his medical classes in India, Yoga bolsters have become a must now in Yoga classes all over the world. They are used as props for restorative poses, for photo of yoga bolstersclasses and workshops in Yoga Asanas and Internal Organs, for helping to open up the lungs and upper back for the practice of backbends, and to give strength and promote health to all of our internal organs.

The pranayama pillows, also originally designed by Iyengar, are normally used lengthwise along the spine to help open up the rib cage for the practice of pranayama. Pranayama means the circulation (yama) of energy (prana) throughout the body and the pillow helps to create more space in the area of the lungs and solar plexus for greater amount of oxygen to circulate. These pillows can also be used to open up the upper back and lungs for people still working on their flexibility.

--- Prices
BOLSTERS $50.00/bolster
MATCHING SET $80.00/set

Shipping and handling charges vary depending on shipping address. Please inquire.