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washcloth and ginger pot

Ginger Compresses stimulate blood flow, release toxins, and strengthen the internal organs. The heat activity combined with the powerful therapeutic effect of ginger regenerates the blood and tissue circulation in the area being treated, facilitating the dispersion of toxins and blocked energy in the body. Often applied to the kidney, lungs, and intestine it is also a very effective treatment for such conditions as arthritis, muscle stiffness and pain due to injury. This treatment will bring relief and a deeply soothing and relaxing experience.

Veronique moved from Paris, France to Massachusetts 25 years ago to study the Chinese and Japanese approach to healing. She has been practicing the "Healing Art of Ginger Compresses" for the last 15 years in Boston and various yoga macrobiotic retreats around the world.

Treatments are available in the Cambridge area and in The Berkshires.


Ginger Compresses strengthen and tone our internal organs, stimulate blood flow throughout our body and release toxins and blocked energy. They are also an effective treatment for arthritis, muscle stiffness and pain due to injury.

for the Ginger Compress only
$95.00 with additional soothing foot massage

January 14th - January 21st 2018
February 16th - February 23rd 2018


For more information or to book an appointment:  Naitea@gmail.com or 413-446-8899.